2 thoughts on “The Meaning of the Name Josiah

  1. I like this picture too. It reminds me of your blog header which you said made you think of The Lord of the Rings…I think of the meaning of your name as “God will heal and protect” because that was the meaning I first encountered after you were already born & named.

    However there are likely a number of different meanings for “Josiah”, but I expect each of them involves “The Lord” somehow as the “-ah”, I think, is a form of God’s name, representative of the Breath of the Lord, I believe. You are Blessed and You ARE a Blessing!

    I love you,


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  2. Betty Hogan

    I can see why your Mom and Dad chose your name as she explained it means “God will heal and protect.” I’ll remember that when I think of you. Betty Hogan

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