Josiah’s Story about the 4th of July

I Love the 4th of July because I get to go up to my cottage in Gaylord Michigan. I like to go swimming on the lake up there. What I like most  about the 4 of the July is that we get to celebrate our independence from England. I like the fireworks.

When I talk about the American Flag, I usually tell people that the Flag is more than just a flag. It’s the flag of our Nation. It’s the flag that Represents our freedom in this Country. I love the 4th of July because I love celebrating the the freedom in this Country. I am Proud to be a Follower of Jesus Christ, and I Am Proud to be an American. Once again I Am Proud to be An American. 🇺🇸

God bless you all. And God Bless The United States of America.

Hey guys its Josiah. I made some changes to this post.

The Flag our Nation.



here Is Another American Flag With The Lyrics of our National Anthem, The Star Spangled Banner.

Hope You Like these pictures I posted. Keeep Praying For Our Country. God Bless The United States of America.

I am Proud to be an American. I Give thanks to Jesus Christ Our Lord for giving us Our Freedom. May The Lord Protect Our Nation. May The Lord Protect his chosen people the Jews in Israel.

May Lord Jesus Protect President Trump.

19 thoughts on “Josiah’s Story about the 4th of July

  1. I love going to the Cottage too! it’s one of my Favorite Places, especially because there are so many special memories of family & love there!

    We are amazingly blessed to have been born Americans…to live in a nation founded on scriptural principles that at least historically acknowledged & honored the Lord.

    God Bless America…& Guide Her into His Truth!

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  2. Menagerie

    I would love to visit Michigan, especially northern Michigan, for a vacation. I have a friend who is also Admin on our blog from Michigan, and she has shared some pictures and info. I have only ever been to Detroit and Dearborn, and didn’t see much while I was there, it was for a week of training when I worked for Home Depot.

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    1. hillbilly4

      Menagerie – my wife was born and raised in Michigan and kept telling me how beautiful and diverse the state is. We have gone back to her home several times. The state IS diverse -from the Detroit area to Mackinac Island, to Albion, to the central part with its stands of birch trees, to Sault Ste. Marie, to Tahquamenon Falls State Park…the state is a paradise. We went through the Upper Peninsula, and I saw great forests with clear running waters. We stayed at the little inn Paradise, and swam in the cold Lake Superior. We went thru the prettiest town in the USA: Charlevoix -a stunning panoramic jewel. I am a Texan, but have to admit Michigan is the best kept vacation secret in the country. Make a point to go.

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      1. Menagerie

        I really want to go, and I’d love to visit the UP. Strangely enough, I’d probably like to go up there in the winter. Someday maybe we can fly up, rent a car, and just wander around the state.

        I want to Alaska last February, and had a brief layover in Detroit but not enough time to get out and go anywhere.

        Thanks for taking the time to make recommendations. I’ll keep them in mind, because I know very little about this beautiful state. I was born in Tennessee, and have travelled just a little to northern states.

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      2. Wow, this is such amazing praise. Thank you so much!!! We found a “secret” free access public beach, at the southern end of Wilderness State Park (which is west of Mackinac City at the tip of the Mitten), part of Sturgeon Bay, I believe, with a gorgeous beach strip of Lake Michigan and a lighthouse in the distance on the North. It is an absolutely gorgeous place to watch the Sun Set (though in Summer swarms of gnats that come out as evening falls can be a bit of a hassle). There are also dunes along both sides of the road there, though we’ve never wandered far from the water to explore them or the adjacent forest. The water is quite cold but brilliantly clear with great wave action & no salt. So you get some of the best of beach life without certain inherent hassles of being at the Ocean.

        On a rare occasion we’ve gone through Charlevoix and I concur with your assessment. I believe that part of Northern Michigan saw many of Chicago’s wealthy families establish summer homes in the area over the last century or more, which may account for the plethora of magnificent watercraft in that region.

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      3. –regarding Menagerie’s desire to see the UP in the winter. While we still lived Up North, before Josiah was born, we took our then toddler son, Nathaniel, to the UP in the middle of winter. It happened to be a sunny winter day (somewhat rare in Michigan) and the Huge Ice Blocks where Lake Michigan & Lake Huron mingle by the Mackinac Bridge were breathtakingly gorgeous. They sparkled like car sized diamonds in the clear winter air, and those flashes of reflected light were visible for as far as our eyes could see!

        We wandered the Taquammenon Falls area in snow that was mid thigh deep. And our son had an absolute blast in that snow, wearing a bootied snow suit. Usually he was light enough that the little crust of ice along the top of the snow could support his weight, but occasionally he’d crash through into snow that was virtually over his head, and his squeals of laughter were priceless.

        I hope you get to see the UP in winter (well bundled up of course) for it can be so Beautiful!

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    2. Northern Michigan is a world apart from the Metro Detroit area…and I’m so thankful that Josiah’s oldest brother, Nathaniel, was born there & that Josiah & his twin brother got to live Up North for their early years. That’s a legacy that time & changes cannot erase!

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  3. Wooly Covfefe

    Josiah, I’ve always wanted to freeze my butt off in Lake Superior.

    Some day I will. I don’t have one to freeze off, though… because I work my butt off.

    When I tell people that I actually point at it, and say “See? No butt!”

    i kid. I’d actually like to take pics of Lake Superior, and see the mountains in the U.P.

    i wish you well with your blog. I was as intelligent as you, when I was your age. Then I went ahead and made myself less intelligent by perusing various harmful chemicals and philosophies.

    Advice: don’t do that. 😀

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    1. hillbilly4

      ON one our trips to Michigan we stayed at a little motel in Paradise. The motel was but a simple walk to Lake Superior. Like all crazy Texans we assumed that on July the 3rd, the water in the Lake would be comfortable. We assumed wrong. That Lake has the coldest water …even in July. We enjoyed the water but not for too long. Visit Michigan in July!

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      1. It’s been years, since childhood really, since I’ve swum in Lake Superior. I believe it is so cold partly because it’s so deep. If you know that Gordon Lightfoot song about “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” it’s about a ship that sunk in Lake Superior & the water was so cold that no one survived (based on a real tale of woe)…

        Where Josiah is heading for the 4th, his grandparents’ Cottage at Arbutus Beach on Otsego Lake just South of Gaylord, MI the water is almost always cold (not like Lake Superior though). Otsego Lake is spring fed & I personally love to dive down deep through the thermoclines to find some of those very cold places where the spring water flows in (they must bubble up all over the lake since I’ve encountered them from our side of the lake to at least 1/2 mile out). My husband won’t even consider entering the lake until July and if it’s at all windy the occasionally warmed up shallows will again be extremely chilly.

        Did you get to see the Pictured Rocks? I did as a child but don’t now recall the experience. Promo photos of that Rocky Lake-shore make it look so beautiful, especially at sunset!

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  4. Hi Joshua, my niece was born on the fourth of July, she will be 5 this year. I’m not sure that she understands the fireworks are for her country’s birth and not her own birthday yet but one day hopefully she will love this beautiful country as much as you do ! Thanks for your blog and patriotism.

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  5. Menagerie

    Josiah, take Wooly with a grain of salt. He likes to kid, but he’s a really great guy. And if you have any interest in movies and 3 legged cats you two will really hit it off.

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    1. Josiah is a movie-quoter Extraordinaire. It used to be practically his primary language! It’s funny, my husband & I have used movie quotes ever since we’ve known each other for a quick short-hand reference to something. Josiah has taken that tendency to a whole nother level–it’s an Art Form, a Way of Life with him. In fact his twin brother Brandon, & little sister Clarissa, wouldn’t even consider marrying someone unless that at least “got” to some degree the movie quoting style of communication. And when his older brother, Nathaniel, got married last month his own movie-quoting tendencies made into one of the groomsman’s toasts/speeches! Apparently N’s skills in that arena mirrored/complemented his wife’s (at least as far as quoting “The Office” dialogue goes)…so this is definitely a Curren family domain…

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  7. Oh my gosh, Josiah, I know you know that I can get crazy, but I only meant to put a link on my blog to this posting of yours but I ended up going on about The Cottage, Gaylord, & Arbutus Beach. I even found pictures of our locations via a search engine! Hopefully you’ll come & check it out, for I’d love to hear what you think…& maybe it will spark a little creativity & further sharing!

    I love you!!! Mom/Valerie

    PS the link to my post based on your post is below…

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  8. Hey Josiah, I really like the changes you made to this post–nice job. I hope you will continue to also write some new posts, as you are inspired, so that anyone who follows your blog will also get notified when you write something.

    Your Passionate Christian & Patriotic Heart Beats Loud & Clear!!!


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