Josiah’s High School logo

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This AP logo stands for Allen Park High School. Go Jags.
I graduated from this high school in 2015
I miss high school. I miss the social life I once had.
Welcome To The Jungle.
That’s what the students said at peprallys  and high school games.
I was nominated for the most school spirited. Both in my Junior year and in my Senior Year. Didn’t win though. I was also on prom court but didn’t win Prom King Either.
if I could, I would go back to my senior year 2 years ago and relive it all over again.
Not trying to brag, but I had a passionate school spirit.

One thought on “Josiah’s High School logo

  1. I personally have pretty mixed feelings about AP because of all the special ed abuses, etc. It was even hard for me to cheer for AP teams because of the bitter taste special ed poisoned my view of the city & education with. It was never hard to cheer for you, your siblings, or any teams any of you played on!

    By the way, I really enjoyed our conversation over dinner tonight. You are an amazing young man with a very precious & passionate heart…& your feet are firmly planted on the Rock that is Christ Jesus! You challenge & inspire me–Thank You!!! I love you-Mom/Valerie


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