Josiah’s Name for Democray

Hey guys it’s Josiah. You know that some governments are referred to as democracy?

Well Moe from the Three Stooges was pretending to be a dictator to mock Hitler. And he said we must this country safe for Hypocracy. So Instead of saying Democray, and Hypocracy,and because my name is Josiah, I came up with the name Josacracy.

I jokingly tell my family that  if I had a political party, and if it were real, it would be called the Josacracy Party.

But we would be a party of Conservative Christians who believe in Jesus Christ. But we wouldn’t identify as Republicanism or Democrats. We would be a neutral party.


2 thoughts on “Josiah’s Name for Democray

  1. Come on Josiah…let’s be honest. Josacracy is really a dictatorship with you at the top of the pile, but under God of course! I would have gladly rather have sat under the theoretical Josacracy than the real Usurpation of the Nation damaging us, freedom, & the world for the past 8 years of the Obamanation!


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