Josiah’s Prayer for America

Lord Jesus: I come before your Throne of Grace and Mercy. Lord I pray for this Nation. I pray that the the People in this country will turn their hearts toward You. Lord I pray that the Evil works in this Country will be exposed and stopped.

Lord I pray for President Trump. Lord I know he’s not perfect. Nobody is. But I truly believe that he Loves this country. I pray that you would protect President Trump and his administration. Surround them with your Presence O Lord. Give them Wisdom.

Lord I pray for Salvation to come back to this Nation. This country was founded on Biblical principles. I pray for the Loving message of Jesus Christ to sweep across this Nation. I pray for that the People of America will say Jesus Christ is Lord of All.

Have Mercy on this country O Lord my God. Even though we don’t deserve it.

I give thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ for allowing us to live in a free country like the United States.

Hear our Crys O Lord.


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