Josiah’s plea for America to Defend President Trump.

My Fellow Americans, I write to you urging you to pray for our President. WAKE UP AMERICA. Listen!!! There is a secret war against Trump that needs to be exposed. The left Are making up lies about our President. Lies that are Not True.

I’m begging my fellow Americans to wake up and Defend your country and your President from the Left. The left are still trying to destroy this Nation and President Trump. I urge you to pray for our Country and our President. Pray that The Leftes and their evil plans will exposed to the nation.

Pray for Christians to stand up for Christ in this.

I don’t care how many people disagree with me on this. But the fact is that President Trump is getting destroyed. My fellow Americans I am calling you stand up for our Nation.

Repent Before the Lord all America. Acknowledge that Jesus Christ Is Lord. I am proud to be an American and a follower of Jesus.



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