Learning about other Nations.

Hey guys its Josiah. Been reading about the countries that have seen my blog. I’ve been reading about China, Poland, Russia, Japan, Ectra. I’m continuing to pray for those countries.

FYI, no one told to read about other countries. I chose to do do it for fun.

I am currently reading about Madagascar. I’ve read about the climate, the history, and the political turmoil during the nations history. The leaders in the history of that nation have been both good and not so good.

These people need Jesus.

I am praying for you people in Madagascar. I pray that the current leaders of Madagascar will surrender themselves to Jesus. I pray that the Lord would minister to their hearts, as well as the hearts of the people.

If there’s any brothers or sisters in Christ currently living there, then I encourage you brothers and sisters to keep sharing the truth in love. Stay strong in the Word of God, and Keep His Word.

Jesus loves u all.



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