State of The Gospel I preach on Social Media

Good morning. Today I want to tell u guys about the work I do for the Lord on Social media.

I’ll start with my blogs first. I have at least 2,000 views on both blogs when I combine all the stats together.

I added all the views from all the countries on both blogs and I have 2,213 views. I have views from countries like Egypt, Jamaica, Nigeria, Honduras, Philippines, and many more. Please pray that the Lord will continue to bless my work on my blogs.

Twitter is another example. I added up all the views for each tweet and I got a total of 18,084 views. I have followers from foreign countries on Twitter. Places like Kenya, Venezuela, and Ghana. Please pray that the Lord will speak to their hearts. Pray that if they know Jesus, that they will be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Please pray for the Word of God to go forth in these countries.

Please pray that the Lord would allow more followers that are true Christians from other Countries, to follow me on Twitter.

Please Pray that The Lord will continue use my work I do for Him, for His Good and His Glory.

Remember brothers and Sisters Jesus said to take to the Ends of the Earth.

God bless u all.

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