My First Surgery that Started it all

A lot of u guys don’t know this, but my first Surgery that I had, was when I was a sick baby.

It happened in February of 1996.

I was too young to remember obviously.

But I want to tell u my take it on it.

I needed a heart surgery at the time, because I had genital heart defects.

I also had a hole in my heart that needed serious attention.

The surgery went well according to my mom reflecting back on it.

In my opinion I think my course was predetermined.

I think I was going to have surgeries either way, because my body was so fragile and sick in that time period.

But the Lord has used this surgery and all the others, for His Ultimate Good and His Glory.

I think that this Surgery was going to set the foundation for all the others. And I think It did.

The Lord will help anyone who believes in Him, through the difficulties of Life.

The Lord is also faithful to those who are faithful to Him.

I thank The Lord Jesus for helping me go through all those surgeries.

I pray that I will continue to trust in the Lord and not give into Fear.

Blessed is The Lord.

Anyway that’s all I have to say this topic.

May God bless u All and America.

One thought on “My First Surgery that Started it all

  1. Timothy Potter

    I will keep praying for the Lord to keep taking care of you. He is a good God. You bless my heart with your praise of my Savior.


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