A Psalm of Josiah

O Lord my God. How Awesome Are Your Laws. How Wonderful Are Your Testimonies.

I will Bless you O Lord At All Times.

I have Not stopped Seeking Your Face O Lord. My Heart and Soul are Set Apart for You O Lord Of my Salvation.

My Heart And Soul Have Not Departed from you O God.

I will not Stop Giving Thanks to You O Lord.

I Will Wash my Innocence Before The Lord.

That I may Go Before Your Altar O Lord in Spirit and in Truth.

I will Not Stop Asking You For The Holy Spirit.

I will Worship You O Lord and Only You.

I Repent Before You O Lord.

Teach me Your Laws O Lord and I will Observe Them. Teach Your Commandments and I will Keep Them.

Teach To Be sensitive to Your Spirit O Lord my God.

I Ask For Repentance, Salvation, Grace, And Mercy O God of my Salvation.

I Call Upon The Name Of The Lord.

Set Me Free O Lord from any Lies or Deceptions I’ve Fallen into in My life.

In The Name of Jesus I pray for you Open My Eyes to see Spiritually and my Ears to Hear.

Help me O Lord To Submit To Your Authority, your Truth, Your Laws and Your Testimonies.

Bless The Lord O my Soul.

Praise the Lord O my Soul.

Make me A New Heart and a new Soul that Surrenders to You O Lord and Only You.

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