A Psalm I wrote the other day

A Psalm of Josiah

O Lord My God.

I Bless You I Praise You, I Thank you, and I Love you O Lord.

As For Me O Lord, I will Sacrifice To Your Altar O Lord.

Do Not Forget Your Servant. Do Not Let my Soul Go Down to the Pit.

Rescue me O Lord from the Enemy. I will Rejoice in The Lord My God.

I Will Bless You O Lord. You O Lord are my God and my salvation.

Blessed Be the The God of my Righteousness.

I will Worship You O Lord and Only You. I will Look Towards Your Holy Temple.

Arise O Lord Save Me O My God. For My Soul is Troubled and my Spirit Complains. But I Will Declare Your Goodness and Your Righteousness O God of my Salvation

Salvation is From The LORD.

But As For Me, I will Try My best To Have Confidence in the LORD.

Teach me Your Covenant O God so I will Remember it. Teach Me Your Word and Your Truth O Lord. So I will keep it.

Remember Me O Lord. Make Haste To Help Me.

For My Heart and Soul Have Not Departed from You O Lord.

I Will Go Before Your Altar O Lord, and Sing Praises To You O Lord and Only You.

I Bow To No One But You O Lord; My God my King.

O my Soul Depart From Evil and Do Good in the Eyes of the LORD.

Soften My Soul And my Heart O Lord My God. Teach me How to Listen to You O Lord.

Do Not Cast Me Away from Your Presence O LORD. But Have Mercy on me O God. Save Me From Bondage of Sin and Wickedness.

Let Us All Enter Into The Presence of the LORD.

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