A Psalm of Josiah

My Soul Waits For God and God Alone. My Soul Thirsts for God. As For My Will Go Before The Lord, Repent Before Him, and Praise His Word. Bless The Lord O my Soul. Praise The Lord O my Soul. Celebrate The Lord. For He Is Worthy to be Praised. I will Rejoice in You. …

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Josiah’s short speech About being free in Christ

The Lamb of God who Takes away the sins of the World. Guess what? Because of Jesus, I AM FREE. Because of Jesus, we are all saved from our sins. But its only through Jesus that we can be saved from our sins. Thank u God through Jesus Christ. JESUS IS GOD. 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

A Psalm of Josiah

Blessed is the Lord who endures forever. You O God, Shall Be King Forever. Bless the Lord O my Soul. I will remember and declare the Goodness of the Lord for all my days. Celebrate The Lord all u creatures of the earth.